Terms & Conditions

Website Design

Material supplied by the account holder for the design of the site remain the property of the account holder. The account holder is responsible for ensuring all material supplied respects copyright and intellectual property rights applicable to the material. Material produced by Simple eShop as part of the service remains the property of Simple eShop and may not be re-sold or reproduced without explicit confirmation by Simple eShop of the right to do so.

Domain Names

Domain names independantly registed shall at all times remain in complete ownership of the owner of the domain and at no time will ownership be transfered to Simple eShop. Domain names registed by Simple eShop as part of our service are property of Simple eShop. Upon cancellation of our service we will offer to transfer ownership of the domain name to the account holder which may require payment by the account holder for the remainder of the current domain registraion period at a cost of £7 per year or part of for .co.uk domains and £11 per year or part of for .com domain names.

Lawful Use

The service Simple eShop provides is soley for use by the owner of the account. It is not permissable to resell or give away services Simple eShop provides to any third party.

It is the responsibility of the account owner and not Simple eShop to ensure the website and content conforms to all federal, state and local laws and regulations. The intelectual property and copyrights of resources the account owner uses on their site must be respected and we reserve the right to remove any content we feel may infringe copyright or intellectual property rights.

The account owner is entirely responsible for ensuring their activities and material on their account are entirely legal. Simple eShop will terminate any account suspected of any kind of illegal activity and reserve the right not to offer refunds for payments in these cases.


Simple eShop reserves the right to cancel the service at any time. Account holders may cancel their account at any time prior to the end of the current subscription period. We will not refund any payments made for the current subscription period and will contact you to recover any outstanding payments for the current subscription period.

Data & Backup

Simple eShop does backup your data but we are not liable for any loss of data which may affect your business. Simple eShop reserves the right to delete all data stored on our systems upon termination of services or cancelation of your account due to non-payment or breaches of our terms by the subscriber.


While Simple eShop makes every effort to ensure your data held on our systems is stored securley Simple eShop accepts no responsibility for any adverse affects on the account holders business or any third party in the unlikely event that the security of your data is compromised.


Simple eShop will not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer. Simple eShop makes no warranties expressed or implied for the services we provide.