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Delivery Note Printing

posted by Simple eShop

During the overhaul of the order management system we have now added the ability to print out delivery notes, hopefully this will save you some time in fulfilling your orders. The layout of the delivery note can be edited and saved using the online editor.

Multiple Payment Options

posted by Simple eShop

As part of our recent work on the payment gateway options on our online shops we have now completed the upgrade to allow our websites to offer their visitors multiple payment options.

You'll find a fair amount of information on the internet suggesting that giving your customers a choice how they pay you can substantial improve your conversion rate. So we recommend you make use of this new feature and give your customers as many choices as possible.

Worldpay Payment Gateway

posted by Simple eShop

The Simple eShop team are pleased to announce that we have completed the integration of our system with the Worldpay Payment Gateway.

For current users of our system that already have a Worldpay account please contact support at for details on how to setup Worldpay on your site.

Discount Vouchers

posted by Simple eShop

It is now possible to setup discount vouchers to be used by visitors to your Simple eShop. A discount voucher is simple a code that a customer enters at the checkout page to have the appropriate discount applied to their order.

Discount codes work great when sent out either in your online or offline advertising to encourage people to come buy your products.

The order management system tracks the discount codes that have been used for each order.

Unlimited Category Depth

posted by Simple eShop

Each category can now have unlimited sub-categories and each sub-category can also have unlimited categories. So your category structure can be as deep or as shallow as you like.

This new feature will really benefit those subscribers who have a large number of products on their site. It will now be much easier for your customers to find the products they are looking for.

Free Delivery On Orders Over

posted by Simple eShop

The Simple eShop system now allows you to specify free delivery for orders over a certain amount. If you have chosen to show ex VAT prices on your site you will have the option to specify if the free on orders over amount includes VAT or not.

This option is available on all the different types delivery tariffs.

Delivery Tariff Weight Limits

posted by Simple eShop

We have just completed the addition of weight limits on all delivery tariffs. You can now choose to whether to show any particular delivery tariff depending on the weight of the products the visitor has in their baskets.

You can either have the tariff available only if the shopping basket is under a certain weight, if the basket is over a certain weight or if the basket is between the maximum and minimum weight limits.

SimpleEshop New Site Launched

posted by Simple eShop

We have come along way since we first began SimpleEshop and in the last 12 months we have carried out so much development work, improving our system and customers site, that our own site got a little left behind.

As you can see our new site has now be unveiled. We have gone for a much cleaner more professional look with a new framework to allow us to bring you more information in an easier to read format. There is quite a bit more information to add to our site but we just could not wait any longer and had to get our new site live

We'd love to hear what you think of our new site, good or bad ( hopefully good though ) so why not drop us an email and tell us your thoughts. You can contact us at

First Stage of eBay Integration Complete

posted by Simple eShop

The first stage our eBay integration has now been completed. With just a few clicks you can create an eBay auction for any of the products on your site. Not all the options available when you create an auction through eBay are available but the basics are now in place.

To start using SimpleEshop with your eBay account click on the new eBay link on the navigation panel. You will be taken through to eBay to confirm that you allow SimpleEshop to communicate with your eBay account. Once you have connected your eBay account all you need to do is go into one of your product details pages where you will find at the bottom of the page a Create eBay Advert link.

If you have any problems using the new eBay system or would like to make a suggestion on how to improve it, send us an email and tell us your thoughts. You can contact us at

Google Analytics integrated into SimpleEshop

posted by Simple eShop

For those of you that haven't heard of it before Google Analytics is a website analysis tool from Google. It has a very intuitive interface that allows you to visualise the visits to your store

SimpleEshop store owners can now access all their statistics through the Google Analytics interface. If you wish to use Google Analytics you will need to sign up to a free Google account by click on the sign in link on the Google home page. Once you have signed up for a Google account send an email to us at telling us you wish to use Google Analytics along with the email address you signed up to your Google account with. We will then set everything up and email you instructions on how to use the system.

Automatic Cross Selling System

posted by Simple eShop

To increase the number of pages a visitor views, especially when the go directly into a product description page from the search engines, we have added a "More Products from this Category" section to the product details page. This new section will show four random products from the same category as the product being viewed.

Early testing of this system shows a definite rise in the average page views per visitor.

Ask About Product

posted by Simple eShop

Visitors can now easily ask questions about specific products using the link on the product pages. Enabling visitors to easily obtain extra information about specific products without having to describe the product on the enquiry form.

Send To A Friend Link

posted by Simple eShop

Links to product pages can now be sent to a friends email. When a visitor views a product they think might be suitable to a friend they can now simply click on the 'Send To Friend' link. This will allow them to fill in their friends details and send a link to the product to their friend email account.

Froogle Submission

posted by Simple eShop

Submission of products to Froogle has now been added to the SimpleEshop service. Froogle is the online shopping search from Google which attracts thousands of users per day. Every time you update any products on your site they will automatically be submitted to Froogle.

Google Site maps

posted by Simple eShop

SimpleEshop now includes submission of site maps to Google. Google uses site maps to better understand the structure and pages on your site. This makes it easier for Google to find and index all the pages, helping get your pages into the search results faster.

Multiple Product Images

posted by Simple eShop

SimpleEshop has been upgraded to allow up to 4 additional images to displayed for each product. Images help your customers to see exactly what you are selling and the more they see the more likely they are to buy.

To use multiple images you need to be using at least version of the site management software. If you are not using this version please download the latest version by opening you SimpleEshop software and going to the "Software updates" option from the "Settings" menu. If you have any problems then please contact us.